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Pink Willows

My first manga, a one-shot, Fantasy Romance genre story, with a planned release in 2024.

Synopsis: "Leila Willows is a princess... and a magical girl?! Her world is turned upside down when an assassin comes to eliminate her. As her loyal knight fights to protect her, something unexpected happens! Now, this unpredictable team will have to figure out the truth behind the magical mysteries of their world." 

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The Fruit Bunch

The first story I've written, once a webcomic, now a planned multi-book manga series in the Fantasy genre, with a planned Book 1 release in 2025.

Synopsis: "Fruitopia is often regarded as the "center of the universe". Many odd occurrences happen here because it's so lively. For generations, the six Fruit Fighters have acted as heroes, protecting humans from these anomalies. With their magic, wits, and teamwork, they will have to learn to work with each other to defeat their foes." 

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