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Illustrator & Designer - Singer - VTuber - Mangaka - Cosplayer


Name: Julia or Meotashi (me-oh-ta-she)

Age: 23

Birthday: September 17

"I've been a self-taught artist since childhood, and am now working freelance full-time as a creator.


I started posting works in 2012 with my original character and fanart illustrations, and have since branched into various cosplays, sewing, photography, voice acting, singing, dancing, songwriting, idol work (creating the groups Stellure and then RESO!), VTubing/live streaming, writing and illustrating my own original manga.


Some notable accomplishments include various craftsmanship and performance awards, guesting at various events, and working on over 30 original songs.


I love anime and manga, stories, and characters. I would love for the world to experience and enjoy my various works as much as I do. Thank you so much for checking my work out!"

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